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Presidents Newsletter - Number 3

President Tony Mullen
Our President getting in the mood for the Gothia Raffle draw.

Optimism is building for commencement to our 2020 season. This has been made possible because the community has adhered to the COVID-19 guidelines issued by the government based on medical evidence. Football West released the following guidelines modified on 4 May 2020:-

Our Football Department has looked at these guidelines to accommodate the restrictions on training numbers and impacts on facilities, and this week we recommenced team training for our NPL squad, with 31 May remaining the probable date for season commencement, and we hope to have all teams back at the ground next week for modified training sessions.

PLayers training under floodlights during Covid19
Social Distancing Training

As things are changing so rapidly I strongly recommend keeping an eye on our Facebook page and website for up to date information, and please contact your coach or any of the committee members if you have any concerns or questions.

We wish to make it clear that once training does commence, a return to training is not compulsory, and if any player decides not to train due to concerns / personal situations, then this will not be held against them or jeopardise their position in their current team.

One huge positive during the shutdown is how our coaches are maintaining contact with their players. The various challenges issued to teams has helped many players keep or get fit for a season reboot. It is also great that players have maintained contact with each other to maintain morale. I particularly enjoyed judging the U14 training videos which were all remarkably high quality. Congratulations to all players who exercised their minds as well as their feet to improvise in isolation. The winner was Angelique Clayton (video here) who is now not just a promising player, but also a promising coach! You can see some of the other videos we received here

Just how important sticking to the COVID-19 guidelines is was brought into sharp relief following the draw for the raffle supporting our Gothia Cup squad. This was conducted at the Celebration Park clubrooms, and the winner of almost $3000 worth of Apple products was Fiona Bax from NSW. After Fiona realized the message on her phone was not a hoax, she phoned back and informed our Club Secretary, Faye Opie, how much the news helped brighten a dark day. She had just lost two loved ones to COVID-19. Fiona happens to be the Vice President of Cranebrook United Football Club, like us, a GoodSports Club.

Images of prizes for raffle
Gothia Raffle Prizes

It is amazing how one act can help develop positive links across a continent. Thank you to all those players and their families who did a terrific job in selling so many tickets. Thank you, Faye, for the massive job you did in organizing the raffle under pandemic conditions. A profit of over $6000 will contribute to supporting the team enter a possible replacement for the Gothia tournament this or next year.

More good news: we now have four light towers at Celebration Park!

Picture of goals and 4th light tower at Celebration Park
4th light tower looking good!

We are hopeful the Club and the City of Stirling will be able to sign off once the City engineers clear the pole as structurally sound and fit for purpose. The City will also be conducting a weed clearance program during May to improve the condition of the playing pitches in time for the season kick-off.

The Committee continues to meet virtually on Microsoft Teams and message each other almost daily by email and phone. We look forward to real contact with each other, players, parents and supporters at Celebration Park and Kingsway. However, we urge everyone and each other to stay patient as the season gets within touching distance.

Watch this space!

Yours in football,

Tony Mullen


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