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Redbacks Aim High

Picture of Redbacks players celebrating a goal.
NPLW Team celebrate a Sarah Carroll goal

A massive weekend of action is in store for Redbacks, as our NPLW side attempts to win the league title on Friday, our U14's seek to lift the Juniors Cup on Saturday and our NPLW U23's push for a finals spot on Sunday.

The action kicks off on Friday evening as our table-topping NPLW side try to cap off an amazing season by lifting the title at the home of second-placed MUM FC. A draw or a win will make our side the league champions, but they face daunting opposition so this will not be easy.

Coach Carlos Vega-Mena has guided the side through a remarkable season so far with just one loss and 3 draws, but he knows this will be the biggest test yet for the team. In any other campaign, the results would have probably been sufficient to claim the title, but last years champions are not giving up their crown easily and pose a huge threat to our ambitions.

Sitting just one point behind on the ladder, they have the best attacking and defensive records in the league but have yet to beat us in league games this season.

NPLW Captain Shawn Billam

Captain Shawn Billam, recognised the threat MUM FC bring and had this to say about our opponents on Friday.

"They score a lot of goals because they attack from all angles, from both sides and straight down the middle. They don't have just one player on the left or one player on the right, they've got good forward players on both sides and through the middle so it will be tough to defend against but we'll do our best"

Billam spoke about the strengths of our side, highlighting the players we have who have lots of big-game experience.

"We've got experience in each line and I think that's one of the biggest assets"

There's no danger of the side just sitting back and hoping to snatch a draw and Billam emphasised this;

"I don't like that mentality. We go out to win every game and if you went into a game looking to settle (for a draw) you just don't know what's going to happen. We want to win the league and we want to finish off winning so that's what we're looking for."

Everyone at the club sends the team their very best wishes as they attempt to lift our first league title of the NPLW era.

U14's Squad with Coach Cam Robertson

On Saturday morning our youngest side attempt to lift their first silverware of the season when they take on Carramar Shamrock Rovers in the U14's Junior Cup Final at Macedonia Park.

Under coach Cam Robertson, the team has swept all before them this season with an unblemished record in the league so far, winning 12 and drawing one in their 13 league games. They currently sit top of the table having scored over 60 goals and conceded just six.

The game on Saturday won't be easy though, as they play second-placed Carramar Shamrock Rovers, who are the only team to have taken a point off our side. The team also lost their goalkeeper Taya Coates last weekend when she suffered a wrist injury, but we're sure that this will only spur them on, even more, to bring the cup home.

Finally, on Fathers Day, our U23's attempt to secure their spot in the NPLW U23's top 4 and cap off a remarkable turnaround in their season when they take on 5th placed MUM FC at the Murdoch Uni ground.

U23's squad celebrating a win at Celebration Park

The team started the season with some disappointing results, but coach Greg Farrell never lost sight of the big picture and continued to preach an attractive possession-based style of play whilst also preparing players for the 1st team. It's a huge testament to him that 10 players have made their 1st team debut this season and the team has struck a rich vein of form going undefeated since Round 12, including a fantastic 1-0 win at the home of the champions, Fremantle City.

A win or draw on Sunday will be enough to earn them a spot in the top 4, and they are definitely a chance to win the trophy if they make it, as they have beaten all three teams ahead of them.

Good luck to each of the teams, and we know that every single player in every team will be doing their utmost to be winners in their games.

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