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Season Swings Into Action At Last

At long last, the new season kicks off this Sunday, and after much hard work, Celebration Park is ready to go again.

It has been an incredibly difficult period for all concerned, but we can now look forward to finally playing some competitive football after the longest pre-season in history, but more importantly, we get to connect with others and share our love of the beautiful game.

Thank you to all the players and parents for sticking with us through this difficult time, and we know that many of you would have had some serious doubts about whether this day would ever arrive, but thanks to the way the WA community has reacted to the pandemic we are now in a position to play again.

It's incredibly important that we continue to adhere to social distancing and practice correct hygiene practices to try and reduce the risk of a second wave, and you will see notices around the club to remind us of that.

Picture of Celebration Park at night
Celebration Park Under Lights

During the lockdown period, a lot went on behind the scenes, not the least of which was the installation of a 4th light tower, which has made a huge difference to the training nights and may allow us to play matches under floodlight.

Picture of a fridge and contents in the clubroom
New Fridge in the Canteen

We were also fortunate enough to secure a grant from the Healthy Sporting Clubs fund, and we've already put some of that to good use with the purchase of a new fridge for the canteen.

On-field, we have been delighted to see so many of our players able to return, which has meant we have sufficient numbers to field 7 full teams, which is a remarkable achievement given that many clubs have had to withdraw teams due to a lack of players.

Last week saw the announcement of funding for a new State Football Centre to be completed by 2023, which means it should be ready in time for the Women's World Cup if the joint Australia NZ bid is successful and we will find that out on the 25th June.

It really is an exciting time to be involved in the Women's game, and we wish everyone the very best of luck for the season ahead.

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