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Big night for the Gothia Squad

Image of players in the Gothia Squad wearing their tournament shirts
Team Photo - Gothia Squad

On Thursday night, the Gothia squad girls were presented with their tournament shirts, training kit and walk out gear.

With just over a week to go before their first game against Tranås FF from Sweden, the excitement levels are building.

The squad has been drawn from 5 of our teams, and have been holding additional training nights to their normal team training to prepare for the tournament.

Friendly games have been played and they are now ready to go.

We wouldn't be able to send the girls to this amazing tournament without the generous support of their parents and sponsors. Thank you to all parents, SWEA Perth, Candy People (who attended the presentation on Thursday and gave the girls their shirts), Bars&More and SearchSmart

Also, thank you to ABC Perth, Ch7 and 6PR for showing interest in the girls and their amazing adventure.

The whole club is behind the team and we hope they enjoy themselves, play some amazing Redbacks football and form lifelong bonds.

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