Senior Teams

Womens National Premier League


Compete in the highest division in the state, this is the Redbacks first team. In conjunction with the National Premier League u23 team they form our Women's National Premier League Squad.

Coach: Carlos Vega Mena

Team Manager: Michelle Anderson

Training: Tuesday 6:30 PM, Thursday 6:30 PM


Women's National Premier League u23


The Under 23 competition serves as a reserves team with players able to play in both, except that only 4 players over the age of 23 can drop down from the first team to play in the u23s.

Coach: Greg Farrell

Team Manager: Sonia Finnegan

Training: Tuesday 6:30 PM, Thursday 6:30PM




Our Amateur side houses our most outstanding younger talent. The girls are mainly under the age of 18, and we are very excited by this crop of highly talented players.

Coach: Zane Abrahams

Team Manager: Faye Opie

Training: Wednesday 6:00PM, Thursday 6:30PM

Zane half time talk.jpg

Metro Division 2 North


Our Metro team is our social team, but they are still highly competitive and play with a fierce desire to win.

Coach: Susie Russell

Assistant Coach: Bradley Bennett

Training: Monday 6:30PM, Wednesday 6:30PM

Newman game team shot march 2021.jpg