Registrations and Payment

Fees for 2020

Players aged 16 and under -$360

Players aged 17 - 18           - $380

Players over 18                    - $430

  • Players should be registered and paid by 13th March.

  • Payments can be made in 2 instalments, with the 1st instalment paid by 13th March.

  • Ensure your photo is uploaded when you register.

  • Click here to access the Play Football site for registration.

  • This PDF should help with any issues

  • For further help, please, please contact the Treasurer;

Payment Details:

Commonwealth Bank:                                                               ​

BSB: 066130      Account No: 10221052
Acct Name: Northern Redbacks Womens Soccer Club Inc 
Remember to include your name in the notation

Cheque to:
Northern Redbacks WSC, PO Box 19, Westminster 6061

Northern Redbacks Fee Structure 2020

Costs By Age Breakdown

On average this equates to a $2400 per team shortfall. 
We have 7 teams so $2400 x 7 = $16800.
Therefore we have to find $16800 per year for the club just to break even.

Contact US



Northern Redbacks

PO Box 19

Westminster, WA 6061

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