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Photos of the RS2 Pat Painter Skin for the MG (posting car related photos here) - the place to fine everything for RS2 Pat Painter's MGPRS2 Page - Author of great carsets, cockpits and more! Today I would like to introduce a very close friend and great friend of mine, D. L. V. H. D. L. V. H. is the owner of a very fine MG TF, which she bought in the early 1980's. She has been a very staunch supporter of MG ever since the early 1980's and always has been very supportive of our Club. So when I came up with a great idea that I thought would be good for this Club, she was quick to back me up. There are always a lot of old members of this Club who would like to have the opportunity to continue to support the Club through a car or maybe a special vehicle that they feel is very special to them. When I was asked by a member of the Club whether or not I thought it would be possible to have a special car that one could own in this Club, I said, "YES!" So this is how we came to having D. L. V. H. own an RS2 Pat Painter Skin on a new red paint scheme. This is it! This Car has been in the family for quite some time. It has a special place in their hearts. They had it for 5 years and while it was in their family, it never left the garage and was treated with care and respect. The body is in great shape. All the work has been done. There are no rot areas and no rust areas. There are no missing or broken panels. This car is in its original condition. All the interior is in great shape. It is one of the most comfortable, quiet, easy to drive sports cars that we have in the Club. The engine has never been rebuilt. It is original to the car and even has its original spark plugs and points. It will never run any other way than original unless you replace the engine. The engine has been painted with 3 coats of original color to protect it. The head work and radiator were cleaned and reflushed with original color. This is a great engine. The car has been detailed to perfection and its body has been prepared to look original and to be easy to paint. The car has had new tires on it for the



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Crack Mgprs2 willgart
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