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Cup Fever rising

Within the space of the next five days, we could potentially see four of our teams making it to their respective cup finals.

The U18's have already made it to their cup final, and on Saturday the U16's and U14's will be trying to earn a spot in their finals when they take on Gosnells City and Fremantle City respectively.

On Wednesday evening it will be the turn of our Premier league side as they attempt to overcome Fremantle City to make it to the final of the Women's State Cup.

The prospect of having four teams playing in a cup final on September 1st is tremendously exciting, and we wish all of the players, coaches, assistants, managers and supporters the very best of luck in their games.

Our U14's have already won their league, and with the U16's and Prems filling top spot in their leagues there is every chance that three of our teams could do the cup and league double, which would be a huge achievement for the club.

Win, lose or draw though, we are tremendously proud of the achievements of all our teams this season.

Picture of a soccer trophy
Womens State Cup

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